best story games Pc

Best Story Games Pc 

The finest story games do a terrific job of keeping you involved with intriguing characters, language, settings, and plots that will have you going back till the credits roll. Whether you’re a lover of dramatic walking sims, lighter adventure games, riveting detective stories, romantic visual novels, or simply like a good comedy, there’s a game out there for you.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt :

While The Witcher narrative comes from a series of books and now features a TV programme alongside the game trilogy, if there’s one piece of media you should consume from the universe, it’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. When it arrived in 2015, the overwhelming majority of players were strangers to The Continent, and while your choices from the second game will carry over if you played it on the same platform, the third game genuinely cranks up the plot beats, as we cover in our The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt review.

Playing as Geralt of Rivia, you go on a quest to find your adoptive daughter Ciri before the Wild Hunt. This will take you from marshy marshes to bustling towns and barren summits, battling creatures and humans equally, but the highlight is, without a shadow of a doubt, the narrative. Individual side quests in The Witcher 3 have more weight and greater storytelling than a lot of full games — those who know about Bloody Baron, Ladies of the Wood, or A Towerful of Mice know precisely what we’re talking about.

♦A Plague Tale: Requiem 

To quote our A Plague Tale: Requiem review, “from the outset, there’s a sense that something just isn’t right”. Soon after their relatively poor beginnings, Amicia and Hugo are forced to move to a citadel chock full of people hiding from the horrors outside the city gates. If you’ve played the first game, A Plague Tale: Innocence, you know that Hugo’s presence bodes catastrophe for their new home.
What makes Requiem so much more than its predecessor is that the couple have grown up with profoundly diverse viewpoints. Amicia is more streetwise, having witnessed more combat up close, and thus has fewer problems pursuing a more forceful response. However, she also wants what she feels is best for her brother. Hugo, on the other hand, is a lot younger, and while he has a stronger moral compass, he’s steadily becoming more ignorant to the real problem. It’s a fascinating relationship between the duo, and right up to the bitter end, it puts the two siblings at odds. If you want the complete experience, play A Plague Tale: Innocence before playing Requiem.

♦What Remains of Edith Finch :

What Remains of Edith Finch is an exploration game that takes us on a tour through protagonist Edith Finch’s old family residence, relaying tales of her forebears through stylized vignettes that range from working in a fish cannery to playing as a baby in a bathtub. As you tour Edith’s home, you’ll discover about her background and her turbulent and unstable life in the now-abandoned Finch home as she relates how the family curse took hold of all her family members. What Remains of Edith Finch is a terrible journey through the eyes of Edith and her need to revisit her tormented past to move on and strive for a better future.
Each mini-episode within the game depicts the tale of one of Edith’s family members, employing different gaming techniques and genres for each one. The game can be played in a single afternoon, just requiring roughly two hours to complete, so it’s excellent if you’ve not got a spare 100 hours.

♦Firewatch :

Firewatch is a first-person adventure game that casts you as Henry, a new fire lookout assigned to his job at the Shoshone National Forest, taking orders and communicating with his supervisor Delilah through a walkie-talkie. Also armed with grappling gear and a map – you can explore a pristine stretch of Wyoming wilderness, deciphering the enigmatic and often horrific happenings in the remote bush.
Firewatch was one of the finest games of 2016, and we, in our Firewatch review, along with many others, lauded for its compelling storytelling through casual chat. It remains one of the most inventive story games to date, a peaceful, ambient experience that you’ll want to play in a single session.

♦ Red Dead Redemption 2 :

A massive open-world game called Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel to the events of the original game. You take on the role of Arthur Morgan, a bandit from the Van der Linde gang. RDR2 examines the thin line between survival and morality in a scrappy and desperate attempt to defend your improvised family from the oncoming menace of a civilised West, where outlaws are smothered by the increasing grasp of law and order.
Red Dead Redemption 2’s plot is a new benchmark for triple-A videogames, depicting terrible individual experiences against the wonderfully detailed backdrop of an ever-evolving western gaming environment, as we explore in our Red Dead Redemption 2 review. It’s equally painful and unpredictable.

♦God of War :

Who would have thought that God of War would be available on PC? The previous PlayStation 4 exclusive changed the action-adventure series’ direction by slowing down the fast-paced fighting and introducing RPG elements. However, the God of War has matured and is now a father. Following the fall of the Greek Pantheon, Kratos and his son Atreus relocated to the realm of Midgard, where they are now working to carry out the ultimate request of Kratos’ second wife: to spread her remains from the tallest mountain within the nine realms.
Kratos battles Norse Gods and creatures along the way, traversing the worlds with the aid of Jörmungandr, the amiable World Serpent, and the witty head of Mimir. The highlight of the entire game, though, is how Kratos eventually warms up to his son and, as his icy exterior fades, the two come to terms with their significant secrets. In addition to Christopher Judge and Sunny Suljic’s strong performances, these are just a few of the details that, in our God of War PC review, make for a really fascinating story that is well worth playing before the sequel, which will unavoidably come to PC, is released.

♦Inscryption :

The horror game Inscryption wants to screw with you. The enigmatic gamemaster forces you to play a roguelike card game in his isolated log cabin, akin to card games like Hand of Fate and Slay The Spire. As you travel across three boards to defeat him and get away, you sacrifice animals to play better beasts. Soon enough, however, the cards start to speak to you, urging you to get up from your seat and explore the cabin as you work your way through its escape-room-style challenges in search of an exit. This interactive journey will undoubtedly stick with you for a while because it has so many unexpected turns along the road. These are some of the best tales in PC games, but if you’d prefer a fun game without a story or a high initial investment, check out one of the top free PC games now on the market.

♦Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy :

Before beginning the game, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy requests that you at the very least be familiar with these intrepid space mercenaries. The benefit of this is that, like in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and comics, we won’t waste time introducing each member of the gang and can instead concentrate on presenting an entertaining tale and making jokes.
The narrative of Guardians of the Galaxy is deeper than its surface might suggest. It investigates the losses experienced by each individual and how illogical choices could jeopardise the cosmos. The game’s compelling narrative is a major factor in its appeal, and we appreciate how each character has a motivation. However, Guardians of the Galaxy is also an action-packed adventure with intricate level layouts and exhilarating boss fights. Our Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy review has more information on this.

♦Life is Strange: True Colors :

Life is Strange: True Colours is an adventure game designed around an episodic storyline framework, much like the rest of the series. Alex is aware that her abilities allow her to perceive other people’s powerful emotions, which occasionally erupt into uncontrollable outbursts, as she walks into the charming mountain village of Haven Springs. When her brother is killed in a supposed accident close to the mines, Alex must unravel the truth while using her abilities to uncover the solutions she seeks.
The main plot points of True Colours are probably a little obvious, but the choices you make about how Alex uses the knowledge she gains through her abilities give each option some much-needed weight. For our judgement, see our Life is Strange: True Colours review.

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